We believe that all followers of Jesus are called to be on mission.  The Aggie BSM’s desire is to connect you with opportunities that will greatly impact both you and the Kingdom.  Whether it’s a week or a summer, in Aggieland or in Asia, we want to help you GO.

Aggie BSM Mission Trips

Missions is an important part of following Christ.  It’s everyday and everywhere.  Yet, when we move out of our routine and comfortable places, we can increase our awareness of how God is at work and how He desires to work through and in us.

Impacting our Community

Jesus’ command to ‘go’ includes going across the street. The Aggie BSM wants to help you be aware and engaged with the needs around you, right here in our Bryan/College Station community. This is what it means to live missionally. This is what it means to LOVE where you LIVE.

Summer and Semester Opportunities

As a student, you have some unique opportunities to discover how God is at work in other peoples and places. For example, you have this beautiful thing called ‘summer break.’ (whoop!) Seize the opportunity to use your summer to invest in the Kingdom in a very intentional way. There are trips of various lengths, spanning a range of ministry areas (kids, ESL, unreached peoples, Spanish, outdoors, media….and the list goes on).